Thirtysomething and confused about Life and my place in it. Does Clarity come in the form of a blinding light or a slow glow that eventually encompasses ones being? I have traveled trough Europe, Asia, Africa, the middle East and North America and although I have seen many things and met a great deal of incredible people, I remain bewildered about our true purpose here-but I haven’t given up hope that we have one.


So I am a cautious optimist, and am intrigued by the complex form most people’s history become. We are all enmeshed in the fabric of this Earth and are accountable to our fellow citizens, and I am but one more of the beautiful insects that crawl around this planet we call home.

  1. What happened to you?! Also, that other gal from Canada–Marlene, what happened to her? You guys CANNOT stop blogging. You hear me?

    Come on, you were like the only people who read my stuff.

    And I want to hear about Finn!

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